About Doepa Fusion Oils


A word from the owner.

Hello there!

While developing and researching products ingredients for Doedoe Doepa, I started reading up on the benefits of using essential oils. Well, I was fascinated – the list of advantages was remarkable!

I learned that essential oils have been used for thousands of years across a vast number of cultures to help alleviate insomnia, migraines, colds, nasal congestion, inflammation, anxiety and fluctuating hormones. These oils can also assist in boosting concentration, mood imbalances and general health. The list goes on and on.

As the costs of medicine continue to rise, it is no wonder these 100% natural oils are gaining renewed popularity as a natural and cost-effective alternative to prescription medicines. As a mom of two young children, the idea of not having to spend so much time and money at doctors and pharmacies was very alluring. 

After months of mixing and testing, I am very proud to introduce a unique range of essential oil blends. There are 9 different essentials oil combinations aiming to assist in treating various ailments. And even though essential oils can be used in different ways, our Doepa Fusion Oils’ flagship range is best suited for diffusion. Only a few drop are needed to experience the benefits of our handcrafted blends.

We have also added an essential oil ROOM SPRAY range to the Doepa Fusion Oils collection recently and the response has been phenomenal! 

Similar to Doedoe Doepa, my family and I use these blends at home and I can confidently say that they make a huge difference in our daily lives.

-Petroné Maré