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Like many of you I have a child who did not sleep well at night. My son used to wake up 4 – 5 times a night crying and feeling agitated. I was in serious need of some sleep myself and started reading up on the benefits of essential oils and Magnesium. I was thrilled to read that, in addition to assisting with SLEEP and RESTLESSNESS, the list of benefits when using Magnesium are amazing! I created a bath salt and added it to my little one’s bath water. I was astounded: very soon after we started using it, my son slept through the night! We have been using Doedoe Doepa since September 2018: my kids are more relaxed during the day and my son continues to sleep well at night. It also takes care of their nicks and scrapes and soothes those pesky mosquito bites.

The Doedoe Doepa Soothing Magnesium range is handmade with pure Magnesium. I developed a signature product line that consists of our famous 100% natural bath salt, relaxing linen spray, deep sleep ointment, creamy body wash, nourishing Magnesium body lotion, luxurious body scrub and bath tea, Magnesium oil as well as our popular 2-in-1 body wash and foam bath.

When I started making these products, my only goal was to help my son unwind and sleep better at night. Sadly, the truth was that our entire family suffered because of the little sleep we were getting. Doedoe Doepa has truly made a tremendous difference in all of our lives – everyone in our household continues to sleep well. Therefore, I would like nothing more than to help you experience blissful sleep in your home too.